5 factors that will help your Google Ads perform better

Google has become the go-to when it comes to searching for products and services. As a matter of fact, Google estimates 1.17 billion people use their search engine on a daily basis. (statista)

From a business point of view, coming up on the results page when people search for related products or services is very important, especially with all the noise from other competitors online.

The following are 5 main factors that will determine how your advertisements rank, and ultimately who will come out on top.

1. Keyword potential

Google takes a look at your expected performance based on the keywords you use for your Ad. The metric that Google uses to determine how high you will rank is your Expected Click Through Rate (CTR). If a specific keyword(s) has caused people to click on your ad, your CTR will be higher resulting in a positive impact on your ranking.

2. How much money are you willing to spend?

Google places a higher value on the quality of the ad (relevancy) from a customer point of view rather than the amount the advertiser is willing to spend.

That being said, more money won't completely solve your problem. Paring a reasonable bid based on your allocated budget with the rest of these factors is good enough to increase your ranking.

3. Is it relevant to consumers?

Google will analyze the keywords that you are bidding on to see how well they match to the message you are communicating with your ad. Using highly searched keywords is not enough to improve your rank, it is important to carefully think about your message and the keywords you are using. Ultimately, Google wants to give consumers the solution they are looking for.

4. How useful is your ad?

Creating an ad is more than coming up with a great message. Google takes into consideration how easy it is for consumers to interact with your Ad. Having a phone number, address, and links to several pages within your website can help drive your ranking up.

5. Where is your advertisement taking consumers?

The landing page plays a big role on your Ad ranking. Google is committed to helping people find information. Therefore, having content on your landing page that relates to your Ad and keyword(s) is important. Google also takes into consideration the user experience. Having a user-friendly website can be the difference between showing up at the top and not showing up at all.

Each one of these factors can be very time consuming to setup and maintain as you develop new online advertisements. Here at Edge one area we focus on is utilizing Google Ads to make sure people are aware of your business and the value you can add to them.

Our Marketing Specialists spend a large amount of time ensuring that each one of these factors are up to date and our clients are generating new leads and growing their business. If you are interested in growing your online presence and boosting your business contact us, we can help you leverage Google Ads and get results!

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Posted: June 11, 2019