Everything You Do Online Links Back to Your Website

A website is a central asset for every business, big or small. In today’s crowded digital space, your customers need to be able to find all the information they need about your business in one organized and structured place. New and returning customers must be able to access contact details easily, information about the products and services you provide, general updates about your business, and more. Your website is the most concrete bridge between you and your customers… That is if they can find it in the first place!

It’s called the World Wide Web for a reason; everything is connected, and your business is no different. Picture this: your website is at the very center of that web. Every social media post, paid online ad, guest blog post, email campaign, and interaction you share online is its own strand. If your online marketing efforts have nowhere to link back to for more information or to close the sale, you have dead ends with little to no use. Your online marketing efforts are only strong when these elements become interconnected. If you want the structure of your online presence to be solid and effectively capture new customers, everything you do online should ultimately lead back to your website.

Additionally, while your social media pages are your own, they are still owned by Meta, X, and the other social media platforms. In the unlikely event that those platforms would close their doors forever, everything that you have built on there would vanish as well. Having a website and allowing your customers to become familiar with it over time by repeatedly linking back to it acts as a safety net for your content, branding, and contact with your customers. You can have peace of mind knowing your online presence is safe with your website.

Why Link Everything Back to Your Website?

There are a few reasons why you should always link back to your website:

  1. To increase visibility
  2. To inform
  3. To facilitate conversion

Get Your Name Out There

One of the reasons why you want everything to link back to your website is to gain traction. You want people to visit your website because that’s where the magic happens. By linking your website to all your online tactics, you invite potential customers to get to know you and what you do. Make it easy for them to see what you have to offer so they know where to look when they are ready to convert. The more exposure they have to your name and brand, the more likely they will return to your website.

The Answer to All Their Questions

Your website is the information center of your business. While you generally want to keep things short and straight to the point online to not deter people from your post or ad, your website is where you can expand on the products and services you offer. This is why it is so important to always link back to your website, as those extra details you provide will make or break it for your customers. Your website is where they will judge your business’s trustworthiness and quality, so make sure it looks professional.

Sticking to the topic of trustworthiness and convenience, make sure the link in your post or ad redirects your target audience to the right landing page. The page should match up with what you were initially selling. More likely than not, this will make potential customers lose trust in your business and immediately leave your website.

Be Their Guide to the Transaction

Your website is where conversions happen. Whether they are purchasing a product, booking an appointment for your services, or scheduling a meeting to learn more, your website is where a lead becomes a concrete transaction for your business. Knowing this, you need to lead people there. You need to make the path to that transaction as effortless as possible. Let’s look at an example of this:

Say you launched a paid ads campaign on Google promoting your lawn mowing services. Congratulations! It caught someone’s eye, and they want to learn more. In this scenario, you remembered to include a relevant link to your website, and your potential customer was able to access the pricing and package information they wanted instantly. They loved the testimonials and galleries featured on the web page and decided to explore the rest of your website and found out you also do hedge trimming, another service they needed. Satisfied with what they found, they click the “request a quote” button and reach out to you.

In the second scenario, you created an eye-catching post on your business’s social media page that piqued someone’s interest. Unfortunately, you omitted to add that link to your landing page. Sure, they might go through all the steps to click on your profile, find your website in your bio and dig around to find the service that caught their eye in the first place, or they might turn to Google between tasks. Now, you’re back to competing with everyone else that comes up when they later search for “lawn mowing services in my area” - if they even remember to do so.

You want your customer’s first experience with your business to be convenient, informative and positive. You want them to feel like you are the solution to their problem. By adding the relevant link to your website, you remove a lot of the steps so your new lead doesn’t abandon the process before they reach the final goal, a sale.

All in all, you want to provide a simple way for potential customers to explore your website. People want simplicity and don’t want to search far and wide for your website. Including relevant links in your online activities ensures they know exactly where to go to learn more about the product or service you introduced. Not only will they look at the relevant link, but they might also be encouraged to explore the rest of your website. If you capture their attention long enough for them to consider your company, make sure you don’t lose it by making them go through a scavenger hunt.

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Posted: August 24, 2023