Small Business Marketing Services

You might have asked yourself, "Where do I even begin when it comes to creating a marketing strategy?" or "Do I really know how I am performing online?" at some point or another. Creating an effective marketing strategy or a message that catch your audience’s eye takes some real industry know-how. At EDGE Marketing & Design, we are committed to helping you create marketing systems for your small business based on you and are effective.

Whether you need help creating a marketing strategy, developing messaging for your business, or you want to see how you can improve your online visibility, we have the services available to move your business forward.

Check out our Strategy First Engagement services to see how we can create an effective marketing strategy. Learn more about our Clarifying Your Message Workshop to see how we can work together to create messaging for your business that will resonate with your customers. Or find out about our Total Online Presences Audit services to see how you can improve your online visibility.