The Ultimate Guide to Building a Website

Social media, email marketing, paid ads... everything you do online ends up leading back to your website; it is the centre of your online presence. Your website should accomplish a lot, and even more components go into a website that will market your small business. But don’t get overwhelmed because we have the ultimate guide to building a website that will not only help attract visitors but also transform them into paying customers! With the help of experienced web developers and digital marketing experts, you can become confident about what makes up your website and helps it rank on search engines. Once you understand the why’s and how’s behind building a website, you will have the ultimate marketing tool at your disposal to grow your business.

Decoding Domains & Hosting

Probably the first thing you should look into when creating a website is making sure your domain (or website address) is available and you have your hosting ready (where all your website files live online). After all, it’s how you’re found online, so make sure it is optimized for your business and search engines.

Why Do I Need a Website?

With physical storefronts and all those new online tools like social media, people question the legitimacy and power of a website. In reality, your website is a hub of all the information your potential customers need to either make the decision to buy or contact you for more. Let us show you just how useful a website can be for your business.

How to Improve Your SEO

Sometimes it can be hard to put a finger on search engine optimization (SEO)- both on what it is and how to improve it. Let's face it, SEO can get really technical and tedious really fast. But once you have done some research (keyword research, that is…), put the time in to make the necessary adjustments and have a better understanding of SEO, you could be at the top of those search engines like Google.

Building a Mobile Responsive Website

More and more people are using mobile devices like phones and tablets to browse the web - including your website. Over 60% of the visitors to your website are probably on a mobile device. Make sure that your website is able to conform to these smaller screens and the needs of your website visitors. P.S. Having a mobile responsive website also helps you rank better online.

Elements of a Successful Website

There are so many elements and plug-ins that can be included on a website; it can almost be overwhelming when creating a new website or updating your existing one - not only for you but for your website visitors as well. Just simplify the design and content, and focus on the key elements that make up a successful website.

Custom Websites vs Templated Websites

Those templated DIY websites that all look the same may be easier to put together, but they are a dime a dozen (or more like potentially 290,000 people with the same website). Your business is unique, and your website should be customized to reflect that. Building a custom website with EDGE also gaurentees that you own this important piece of online real estate. And again, this is another way to rank better online.

Measuring Results With Analytics

Not measuring the performance of your website is much like bumping around, trying to cook in a dark kitchen. You aren’t sure what is working and what you need to fix. However, measuring results using analytics and reporting is a great way to see how your website visitors engage with your business. From there, you can see what areas you need to improve to get more visitors and engagement and keep doing what you are doing in other areas of your website!

Getting Started With eCommerce

Your customers have almost come to expect that your products and services are for sale online. With the convenience of online shopping, eCommerce has exploded over the last few years. But because almost everything is for sale online, it is important to know how to compete in a new eCommerce market. There are so many easy-to-use tools and resources that you can easily add your products to your website. You'll also find out how to properly market your online listings.