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There are many CMS platforms available today that make it easier to develop professional websites that can be managed and updated by non-technical users. Historically, Content Management Systems were designed by developers, for developers. Often content changes in these systems are done by logging into the ‘backend’ of the website through a series of forms and options. For most users, this is not very intuitive, especially if you make updates to your websites a few times a month.

Then there are the Blogging platforms that have grown into a full-blown Content Management Systems, but are at the core still a Blogging tool with several plugins. Although there are many plugins available for these systems, getting them to work while keeping your site secure can be a real challenge. Yes, many of these plugins are free, but they often comes with security issues especially if you (or your web developer) does not keep the site current with security updates.

There are also website builders available that are geared towards the DIY market. In some instances, this can allow you to put together a quick website at a low cost and with that low cost comes big compromises. DIY builders offer simple layouts and designs that ultimately leave your company image looking identical to thousands of other websites provided through the same platform. On top of that, as your business grows, you will run into limitations that generally come with something that is free or provided through templated design.

At EDGE, we use Concrete5 to develop most of our sites. We looked at all the CMS systems available and settled on Concrete5 for the following reasons:

For Developers

  • Robust and flexible web development based on web standards (PHP, CSS, Javascript)
  • Secure. CMS core is lean and structured for optimal protection against hackers
  • Extremely efficient code allows for fast loading times on any browser and device
  • Strong developers ecosystem around the world
  • Quality control of available plugins

For users

  • In-context editing means an intuitive way of updating content on the website. Simply browse to the page, click edit and your changes are made.
  • SEO is build into its core. Concrete5 websites have great visibility with the search engines resulting in excellent placement in search engines.
  • Website can be expanded easily as your business grows.

If you (or your web developer) have questions about Concrete5 and how it can benefit your business, please get in touch with us. We would love to have a ‘concrete’ conversation with you.

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