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If you cannot bring in more traffic to your website and find new customers, it stops your business from growing. EDGE can design display ads, develop content and manage your Google and Facebook ads to help attract more traffic to your website. By actively managing your online ads campaigns, you will increase your online visibility while remaining on budget.

Stay up to date on your campaigns

It can be frustrating and confusing not to receive updates on how your online marketing is performing. Your team is never left out of EDGE’s processes, including your digital marketing campaigns. We can create monthly reports and provide updates and recommendations through our ongoing online marketing services. Compared to other media, online marketing allows us to collect and analyze important information on your website. Our team can also walk you through your reports and answer any questions you might have so you can be certain your online marketing efforts are getting results.

In addition, professional grade website analytics are built into every EDGE designed website giving you the option to log in and see the progress for yourself.


Case Study - CJ Plumbing & Heating

C.J Plumbing & Heating is a local plumbing company with many local competitors going after the same clients. Not happy with the value they were receiving from their online marketing provider, C.J. Plumbing contacted EDGE to have a local marketing firm to take care of their online advertising and website design. We were able to reduce the actual monthly cost of the paid ads with Google by 75%, while getting excellent results through actively managing the campaigns, and really focusing in on the ideal customers that C.J. serves best.

Looking to build brand awareness and getting new leads, C.J Plumbing & Heating utilised a direct response marketing strategy that focused on direct response marketing search ads and display remarketing ads.


Help increase brand awareness, increased lead generation, and to drive more traffic to the website The campaign is focused on the Red Deer and Central Alberta.


Understand the audience - By carefully reviewing the different audiences, we built specific campaigns with specific keywords and search terms targeting both residential and commercial audiences with custom messages that would connect and resonate with their needs.

Engaging the audience - By directing Google Ad visitors to branded content on both a desktop and mobile-optimised website that was relevant to the individual's search query and by introducing remarketing ads to help generate brand awareness and reconnect with previous website visitors.

As part of the monthly management package, we will also make updates to the website SEO and Google My Business Page resulting in great organic search visibility.

Reduced overall monthly online advertising budget while maintaining and generating quality leads for the business. Increase search visibility both for paid advertising and organic SEO

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