Website Design

A professional website is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. Your customers are increasingly mobile and expect to find your business online when they are looking for your products and services.

We offer:

  • Custom designed websites (no cookie-cutter templates)
  • Responsive design and mobile-first approach to website design
  • Our easy-to-use Content Management System (Concrete5 CMS) makes it easy to change content on your website with minimal training
  • Excellent search visibility with Google and other search engines (SEO)
  • Secure and fast website hosting
  • Online Payments and E-Commerce
  • Website Analytics
  • Ongoing support and digital marketing services
  • Proven Website Development Process

No Cookie-cutter templates

Every website project is custom designed and coded by our in-house team. This gives us the freedom to design the site to fit your organization’s brand and structure instead of using a ‘cookie-cutter’ template and trying to make it work for you. The added benefit is that we know every bit of code that goes into your website which makes it very secure and very fast. Search engines 'love' crawling the content on our sites and we have very good search visibility, right from the start.

Keeping mobile in mind

The number of mobile devices people are using has exploded in recent years. Give your visitors a great mobile experience when they are visiting your website instead of having to zoom in manually to read the content. A mobile responsive website changes its layout based on the screen size that is being used to view the site. This results in much easier reading and interaction with your content when your visitor is using a smartphone or tablet. As an added benefit, Google gives higher rankings to mobile optimized websites.

Our websites are designed with mobile in mind, and we custom code each mobile implementation rather than relying on a plugin to do the work for us.

Content Management System

Being able to quickly and easily update your own content is made possible by using a modern Content Management System (CMS). We are using Concrete5 for most of our sites as it is by far the most secure and easy-to-use system on the market.

This system is designed to have non-technical users login and make changes without any knowledge of coding or HTML. It features ‘in-context-editing’ which means that you can navigate to any page, click edit and update the information directly on the site. You can focus on the content rather than on learning how to use a complex new software system.

Online Payments and e-Commerce

Online sales, e-commerce and accepting payments online, are an important part of your website. Whether it is online event registration or a complete online store, we can help you implement an easy to use and secure solution that your customers will love.

Ongoing support

Once your website is successfully launched, our team is here to support you, each step of the way. Although you are in full control of your website and have the ability to update your own content, it can be easier to let us make the changes for you. We also provide ongoing marketing services (Search Engine Marketing, Analytics, Pay-Per-Click) to ensure that your company gets maximum exposure through online marketing.


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