How to Make Social Media Work For Your Small Business

Social media marketing can be the land of opportunity. In 2023, there are estimated to be 4.89 billion social media users worldwide. The average user bounces between seven different social media platforms each month.

While this is enlightening, as a small business owner, you may be unsure of how to utilize social media marketing effectively. Or perhaps you are wondering if you should avoid social media altogether.

There are many other things your business can focus on, and social media marketing takes up a lot of time. Between coming up with content and trying to stay up on the latest trends, you may feel like you are getting in over your head. It is easy to lose your way, but with a little bit of guidance and research, you can utilize social media marketing to your advantage. It can become a tool in your online marketing kit to talk to customers and make sales.

This blog post gives small businesses tangible and practical actions to apply to their online marketing. Whether you are a mom-and-pop shop, a start-up, or a well-established business, you will find benefits, simple steps to take and many more social media marketing tips.

The Benefits of Social Media for Small Business

For those who are still thinking about dipping your toes into the social media pond, there are numerous benefits to consider when using social media to market your business. Here are some benefits that might help you make the decision to add social media to your marketing strategy:

  • Stay top of mind and remind your customers you are here to help when they are ready to purchase your products and services
  • Have a direct communication line with leads and customers
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness. The more customers see your business, the more they will like, know and trust you
  • Attract new customers
  • Keep customers informed. Social media is great for quick updates and news you may need to get out
  • It’s cost-effective, along with other types of digital marketing

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Establishing a marketing strategy is essential for small businesses, and social media is one part of your overall marketing strategy. Without a plan for your online marketing, you may be spending your budget ineffectively by misusing your efforts and time on social media.

Most of us don’t have excess amounts of cash to spend on marketing, and that’s okay. These days, we can get serious traction by paying attention to our digital presence. A great digital presence starts with a clear and effective marketing strategy.

Things you can include in your social media strategy are the platforms your business is on, how frequently you will post each month, what types of posts you will have and a content calendar.

The marketing strategy you’ve put together has to talk to your social media marketing strategy and overall digital presence. The stronger your social media marketing strategy, the more people will understand why they need your products or services. Customers will listen, and your business will stand out, too.

If you do have a current social media plan, you can fine-tune it at this time. The team at EDGE is also able to create a social media strategy for you that will build value on your social media platforms.

As a part of your social media strategy...

Choose the Platform(s) and Target Audience

When it comes to social media marketing for a small business, choosing the right platforms and targeting the right audience is crucial. Before you start posting, it’s important to determine which platforms your target audience uses most. This will help you reach the right people with your message and increase engagement.

Instead of jumping on the latest social media platform like TikTok, having a proper strategy is essential. By understanding your target audience and their habits, you can focus your efforts on the social media platforms most likely to generate engagement. This will allow you to use your social media marketing budget effectively and ensure your posts will have the highest level of visibility and engagement.

Be mindful of the platforms you choose. Your time is valuable, and it would be a shame to waste it on a platform where its potential won’t be reached.

What Exactly Do I Post?

Now that you’ve established which social media platforms you are on, it is time to figure out what exactly to post. Creating social media content can be overwhelming, but here are some helpful content suggestions:

Post a variety of content, not just videos of your office dog or posts about your upcoming sales. Although it is tempting to share the same thing repeatedly, it is advisable to post a mixture of content that helps build engagement and lets your audience like, know and trust your business.

You can post different types of content, too, like videos, photos, links to YouTube videos and articles that are relative to your business or industry.

Share resources and advice from your industry perspective. You are the expert, and you know what you are talking about. Sharing this type of information helps build trust with your customers.

People love putting a face to your company, so show your team who you are and how your business contributes to the community. Maybe your team volunteered at the local food bank last Friday. Post a photo of your staff sorting cans and stocking hampers, and then tag the food bank.

Share company news and updates. Social media is a great place to spread the word about your company. Post about the new employee who recently joined your team or give them a look into a partnership that is in the works.

Share insights on your products and services. Place this type of content into the mix so customers have a blend of content: something informational, something resourceful, something that builds connections and something that showcases community engagement.

Another great way to guide your social media content is the 80/20 Rule. Provide customers valuable information 80% of the time and ask something of them, such as checking out a specific product or service or asking them to contact you, 20% of the time. This will create a balance and not overburden your feed with too much sales content.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Here are some quick and practical social media tips you can implement today:

  • Post frequently and according to your social media strategy. Do this to get on the good side of the algorithm and to allow your customers to see you are an active business
  • Once you start posting regularly, you can expect engagement (comments, likes, shares) from your followers. People who follow you and like your content are interested in your business. But be sure to interact with them by liking their comments or engaging in a conversation
  • You can also expect comments and private messages from potential customers inquiring about your products or services. There is support for staying on top of and managing these conversations through CRMs like Easyleads
  • Incorporate videos and reels. Post a Reel on Instagram or Facebook and see how you can expand your reach beyond your current followers
  • Link what you can back to your website. Your website is the core of your digital marketing and is the single touch point that leads back to you for your customers in the online space. We suggest including a link to your website in your bio
  • Always include a photo or video with your post. This practice ensures your posts are visible on the platform and attractive to the viewer. Do this on every social media platform, even on “X” (formally Twitter), which is sometimes thought of as a text-based platform
  • Frequently check what is and isn’t working in your social media strategy. When you review your analytics, you will see what people respond to and which content is the most popular. It will give you a roadmap for moving forward
  • And when in doubt, you can tag in social media marketing experts like EDGE Marketing to help you. You don’t have to do it all alone

At EDGE Marketing, we understand your plate is full and having to manage social media marketing on top of it all may be overwhelming. Send our team a message or give us a call to discuss how we can help your business grow and reach your marketing goals through social media.

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Posted: November 23, 2023